Fun Things to Do With Two Year Olds

Do you have a two-year-old and in need of ideas for really cool things to do with him? Toddlers get bored easily and it sometimes becomes difficult to entertain them for hours. One idea is to take your child to the park. He will enjoy running around and playing on the swings and slides there. Another idea is water play in the backyard. Turn on the hose and let him dance and sing in puddles of water. Here are other ways to entertain your toddler.
Edible Art Party
If you have more than one toddler, you can have an edible art party in the basement. Fill three to four jars of liquids such as melted chocolate, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, strawberry fruit topping and chocolate milk. Add few teaspoons of cornstarch to each liquid and stir thoroughly. Let your kids create tasty and messy artwork on pieces of construction paper, paper plates or easels. The kids can wear old shirts for this project.
Play Chase
Most toddlers love being chased and you can play this game with them. If they ask for a snack or sippy cup, bring it close to them then quickly remove it from their sight and run. Your toddler might run behind you until you give him what he is asking for. If the toddler is cranky or tired, this is not the best game to play as he will get upset if you’re not giving him the item he wants. This activity also promotes physical activity for both of you.
Garden Activities
Why not teach your toddler about where fruits, flowers and veggies come from? Bring him in the garden and have him assist you with planting your crops. He might throw lumps of potting soil into the area where you will plant your crops He can also help you by digging holes in the soil, putting seeds in the ground and watering the soil. This gives him an idea of how fun gardening can be.

In conclusion, these activities will keep your toddler’s boredom at bay.